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Apoquel shortage? Try RESPIT!

By Jon Plant, DVM, DACVD Bad news, good news about Apoquel® from Zoetis (NYSE: ZTS). We learned last week that the Apoquel backorder situation is likely to continue throughout 2014 and into the summer of 2015. That is very sad … Continue reading

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Veterinarian assessment of RESPIT for canine atopic dermatitis

Allergen-specific immunotherapy (ASIT) is frequently used to manage canine atopic dermatitis (AD). The selection of allergens for ASIT is based on intradermal testing (IDT), allergen-specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) assays, patient history, and aerobiological data. In theory, an optimal allergenic extract … Continue reading

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Non-specific effects of immunotherapy in asthmatic cats

An interesting study pertinent to RESPIT was brought to my attention by my friend Dr. Dean Gebroe of Culver City Animal Hospital.  You may have noticed the capsule report in the September 2012 Clinician’s Brief entitled “One Allergen to Treat … Continue reading

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Variability of allergen-specific immunotherapy formulation

Allergen-specific immunotherapy (ASIT) is often discussed as though it represents a uniform treatment option.  In fact, the process of customizing an allergen prescription for a pet is not standardized and there is a great deal of subjectivity involved, even when … Continue reading

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